Sunday, October 11, 2009

Yom Kippur Break-the-Fast

Leah, Megan, Elisha & Matthew

Patsy, Carol, and Amanda preparing the food table

Karen pouring cups of wine

Sarah cooking the eggs

Peggy helping w/clean-up

Everyone was impressed by Brent's beautiful shofar...
Good job on the final "T'kiyah Gedolah" Brent!!

Eleanor, Beverly, Lolita and

Pete and Elaine

Megan and Matthew

Jeff and Sophie entertaining each other~ Not sure who was more amused...

For me, one of the most special traditions at Congregation Beth Israel is the congregational break-the-fast after Yom Kippur. In most synagogues, after praying together for 3-4 days together, members of the congregation leave the sanctuary, take in the obligatory wine and challah, then race out so they are not late for dinner reservations.
At CBI, the tables and chairs are set up the Friday night before Yom Kippur, the Ladies Auxiliary prepares dishes for all to share, and everyone gets to enjoy the food and everyone's company while breaking the fast as a congregation.